For the past fifteen years I have been gardening food and flowers, nurturing pollinators,  eco-building (building with cob, straw bale and hybrid styles) and studying the science and art of permaculture through years of continuous experimentation, lots of reading and hands on learning through gardening, group projects and workshops. My previous garden, which I recently moved away from (I'm a renter) was a wonderfully abundant and self sustaining ecosystem. Over eight years I brought it from a small plot of dirt to a thriving edible landscape that provided enough food for multiple households, flowers for my floral arrangements and sweet nectar for the birds, bees and insects. I believe passionately that the concept of permaculture is an actual solution to so many current environmental and cultural woes, capable of being implemented from the smallest backyard garden to sweeping large scale urban projects. At the personal level it makes for a beautiful and rewarding life.

Through the years I have volunteered at various organizations growing food for shelters, garden mentoring and have been part of a team of eco builders on a variety of passive solar, hybrid-style living houses.